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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been awhile....again

Well, it has been awhile since October. Many things have happened since then. I feel like I am writing this post very quickly before Ethan wakes up. I do most things while he is napping now and I don't get a whole lot done anymore or so it seems to me.

Updates - here we go....

October was the last month I was on maternity leave. I enjoyed every minute of my leave from work. I was gone for 12 weeks and am now just working part time so I can spend more time with Ethan. I also love being able to get household chores done during the week so the when the weekends come, Dwaine and Ryan are here and we don't have to do as much house work now on the weekends. We can spend more time together.

Ethan celebrated his first Halloween with us. He was dressed as a pea pod. Mostly he was a mad pea because it was a warm day and his costume was very warm also. He was a hot, mad little pea.

I started back to work in November. That is going ok and I am glad to be back to work also. I loved my time off but now I feel like I am still using my skills to keep up being an MRI tech. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the whole family here. Carrie came home, Dwaine's mom and dad were here, his sister Patti was here and David came home from Korea. He is back in the states for the time being. He had two weeks off here at home and then started work at Fort Riley, KS. Just a 3 1/2 hour trip from here. Much better than half a world away. Now at least he is in the same time zone. Kansas still seems like a foreign country, though.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had Ethan baptized. It was a wonderful day filled with family and friends. I was amazed at how many people showed up at his baptism. His godmother is my good friend Toni whom I work with and his godfather is my brother Chris. Carrie, David and Ryan were all there. Carrie fixed a wonderful meal for us all and we enjoyed it very much. She was quite the hostess. I think if her carreer in music doesn't pan out, she should start a catering business. :)

Carrie and her long time boyfriend Gus were engaged just recently and are planning an October wedding. It will be held in New Jersey. We are very happy for them both. We do really like Gus a lot. My brother Chris also became engaged to his long time girlfriend Stacy. They will be married in December next year. 2009 will be the year for weddings. They will be married in Quincy.

David is back from Korea and is stationed in Fort Riley KS as I mentioned earlier. He will be there until June when he supposedly will be sent to Bagdad. He will be stationed there for one year. Please pray that he remains safe or better yet, that his duty may be assigned to another place besides Iraq. He will be in Kansas until then. It is nice to be able to see him more often now.

Christmas has come and gone. Ethan celebrated his first Christmas. He was more interested in the paper and boxes than the actual gifts. He had a good first Christmas. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas Day here at home with our family. Then we travelled to Oklahoma for Christmas with the Gelnars. The trip to Oklahoma was an event that I am not too eager to repeat any time soon. We spent 14 hours in the car with Ethan both on the way there and on the way back. So in 3 days, he spent 28 hours in the car. Too much for a 4 month old. Take warning all of you who have small children. Don't do it! Our visit with the family was very nice though. Ethan got to see his grandma and grandpa again and he got to meet a few of his cousins for the first time and also Aunt Cindy and Uncle Joe. He did remarkably well on the trip.

Our adoption (which is the primary reason I started this blog) is at a complete slowdown right now. We were logged in in Feb. of '07 and they have been working on Feb of '06 for well over 6 months right now if that tells you anything. We are going to wait a year and then re-evaluate our situation. China is not looking so good right now. We may switch over to special needs but that is slowing down too. Our little girl seems soooo far away right now.

We are anticipating a wonderful new year with lots of love and good times both with Ethan and our other kids and my brother as well. We are looking forward to two upcoming weddings and lots of fun with Ethan. I will post pictures later on but for now I hope you all have a blessed and happy New Year.

Lots of love,

Kelley & Dwaine & Ethan

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random thoughts

Hi again,

Just wanted to check in. There is not a whole lot going on which is a good thing. I like the quiet. Now that the house remodelling is finished, we have finally started on Ethan's room. He will probably be in college by the time we get his room ready for him. Dwaine started tearing the closet apart so he could widen the opening and put on new doors. I have started painting. I swear, if I have to paint one more thing after this, I think I will lose it. I am so sick of painting!

I haven't mentioned our adoption for awhile and that is because we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Actually, it is a good thing for us to wait awhile now because I would like to get adjusted to Ethan first. He will more than likely be two or three before we go to China. Some friends of ours who are in our local adoption group should be getting their referral in a couple of months. Their log in date is in Feb. of '06. They have been waiting 2 1/2 years. Our log in date is Feb. of '07. We will be waiting a lot longer than that. We began our paperwork just over 2 years ago and a referral for us is nowhere in sight. At least now I have something to distract me from the wait now.

Speaking of Ethan, here is a picture of him in his Halloween costume.

Doesn't he make a cute little sweet pea? He will hate these pictures when he is older so I need to get all I can now. Oh, what the heck, here are a couple more pictures of Ethan. He is starting to smile now and not just gassy smiles, real smiles when he looks at us. I think he thinks we are funny looking old people.

David will be home in a few more weeks. Hopefully, he will be in the states for the remainder of his duty. He will be home for Thanksgiving & Christmas! That will be really great! We are looking forward to having you home, David!

Carrie will be home at Thanksgiving as well. We are planning to have Ethan baptized while the kids are here. Hopefully it will work out that way.

Ryan has moved into his new bachelor pad in our basement. He has his own space now and that huge walk in closet. I am going to have to arm wrestle him for half of it. I am planning to store a lot of our crap in there.

Chris and Stacy are officially engaged now. No wedding date has been set yet but she is sporting a really beautiful diamond ring! It really is pretty. I am so proud of them both for being such good parents. Stacy has taught me things that I did not know about being a mom. She is a really good mom.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you are all well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Tribute to my Grandma

Marie Kuhn
Feb. 11, 1912 - Sep. 27, 2008

Things I remember about my Grandma

Her kindness
Her warm heart
Letting me play the organ in church after mass
Her interest in all of the activities of all of her grandchildren
Always asking me if I am saving enough money
Her snickerdoodles
The fact that she always called me Anne
The fact that she took care of my other Grandmother when she was dying because we couldn't be there.
Her holiday dinners
Cooking chicken on a makeshift grill in the back yard.
Mitsy & Taffy (her dogs that she loved)
Swinging on her swing with her.
Trying to make me feel better when I was sick
Her beautiful relationship with my Grandfather
Her strong faith in God
Feeding the squirrels from her kitchen window
Praying the rosary at her kitchen table
Praying the rosary in the car on our trip to Washington DC
Her love of travelling
The fact that she raised five children who have a strong faith in God
Offering to pray for me when I needed it

Grandma, I told you before you left that I would pray for you too. Please pray for all of us now and be happy with your family in heaven forever.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our remodelling is finished!

Actually, it has been finished for a few weeks now. We have just moved Ryan into the bedroom that we added downstairs so I thought I would share some before and after photos.




Basement Before and after

My kitchen is the best room in the house. We have a pantry now and two more walls filled with cabinets that were bare before. There is a lot of great lighting and it seems so much bigger than before.

The basement was one huge room that served no purpose except for storing our junk. Now there is a bedroom and a computer nook and we are planning on using our fireplace this year for the first time ever! I am so excited. We are going to make the downstairs family room a small room for reading or relaxing. Also with the fireplace, we should have a lot of good heat without running the furnace as much.

Oh and one more picture...
Isn't he so cute?!?!?!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ethan stories

Here is the latest news about Ethan. For those of you who know, Ethan was born with hydronephrosis which is an enlargement of the kidney. We have known about his kidney since my 20 week ultrasound. Well, long story short, our pediatrician has been on top of it and set up an appointment for us to see a pediatric urologist at Children's Hospital in St. Louis. That appointment was last Wednesday. He had a couple of tests done here which led our dr. to believe that there was a blockage in the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder. Knowing this, we had discussed the possibility of surgery to unblock the tube. When the dr. examined him in St. Louis, he told us (after a couple more tests) that the tube was not blocked, but the bladder was refluxing back into the kidney. Something he may very well grow out of without surgery. Great news for us and Ethan. He is on a low dose of antibiotics so he does not get a kidney infection and he will have another ultrasound of his kidney in 6 more months to see if it is getting smaller. That was great news!

He is a really good traveller. We took him to St. Louis for his appointment and he did really great in the car both ways. We took him to Quincy to meet my family there and he did exceptionally well going and coming back. He loves the car.

He has been fighting some really bad colic. We have changed formula twice which helped but not totally fixed the problem. He would cry and scream for hours with no relief. Eating would make it worse. He would cry through his feedings and sleep only for little bits at a time. The pediatrician prescribed Prevacid wich is something they give people for heartburn thinking he had acid reflux. It didn't help. Next we were given Levsin which is a medication given to people who have irritable bowel syndrome. It has worked really well. He is eating better and sleeping better and when he is awake, now instead of screaming, he is taking in his surroundings and smiling and making contact with us. We still have some occasional setbacks, like today for instance, he has been crying most of the day, but for the most part, he has done much better.

He weighs almost 9 lbs now. He is changing every day. He is becoming more interactive with us and his appearance is changing a lot also. He is a really cute baby. We are still not getting much sleep but it could be a lot worse. I am glad I am not working right now. That would be tough.

In other family news, Chris and Stacy are engaged! I am so happy for them and Stacy will be a wonderful addition to our family. I am looking forward to having her as a sister in law. Lily is now 4 months old and sleeping through the night. I wish she could teach Ethan to do that.

Carrie is finishing up her last year of school and doing well as always. David is going to be coming back to the states around the first part of November. He will be in Kansas at Ft. Riley. We are looking forward to that. Ryan is a Junior now and is enjoying band and singing in choir.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you are all doing well. Until next time...


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethan Robert Gelnar

Ethan was born on August 13, 2008. He weighed 7lb, 4oz. and was 20" long. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides my sweet husband. I will just post some photos because to me, there are no words to describe the miracle of this precious little boy.

Ethan is a healthy baby and he is really good too. He only gets us up twice during the night. We had some difficulty with him in the beginning because he could not tolerate his formula. We went through two formula changes in the first two days he was home. He is doing 100% better now though.

He has a kidney problem on the left side. That kidney is partially blocked. They found this out during one of my prenatal ultrasounds. The pediatrician says it is a fairly common problem especially in boys. He may need to have it removed. The dr. would send us to St. Louis to a pediatric urologist. He may need to have a stent to keep the ureter open or they may need to go in and surgically remove the blockage. We had a test done at the hospital to see the extent of the blockage. It is not a problem at all for him now but as he gets older and the kidney grows, it can cause pressure on the kidney and he can suffer kidney damage when he gets older. So now is the time to fix it. But say a little prayer that we don't have to go at all. That is a possibility too.

Well, my little guy is asking that I feed him now so I better go.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby on the way!

Well, just two more days until Ethan's arrival. I am excited, nervous, anxious, relieved, scared, elated and every other emotion you can think of. It is hard to believe that it has finally come to this. After years of thinking we could not have children, after almost two years into the adoption process, a baby is born! I can't believe how blessed we are.

I don't have his room ready yet. Our house is still under construction. However, good news is that the kitchen should be finished today! Just in the nick of time. Then they will be working in the basement anyway and that will be much better. It will still be a couple of weeks before Ryan's room is ready. Then we can move him downstairs and start the baby's room. I do have the bassinet ready. Linens are washed and it is stocked with diapers, wipes, blankets and other necessary things that he might need. His little clothes are washed and put away in his dresser. Today I will try to install my carseat base and get that ready. Then tomorrow, I will pack my bag and his and we will be ready to go to the hospital on Wednesday!

I am a little nervous about the c-section but I think that looking forward to the baby is over-riding that a little bit. I have one more dr.'s appointment tomorrow before the big day.

Well, wish us luck and I will try to post pictures as soon as I get home from the hospital. Talk to you all soon,


Thursday, June 26, 2008

A lot to tell you....

So many things have been going on lately, it is difficult for me to know where to begin. So let me try to begin from the last time I left off.
David came home from Korea for a visit and he went to NJ for Carrie's pageant. He was home for almost 10 days and we were so excited to see him! He looks great and seems to be doing really well there. He will be home again in Nov. and then in the states for a few months.

Here are a couple of pics of him and some of the things he brought back for us.
In the first picture, he brought us back a piece of the fence that separates North from South Korea. Very interesting piece of history. The next picture is of my guys in New Jersey.

Carrie placed 4th runner up in the pageant. The best she's ever done so far! Congratulations Carrie! She won a nice scholarship for that. She also tied for first on Friday eve for the swimsuit competition. She has one more year to try and I think she is going to do it! So we will be going to New Jersey next summer and we will have Ethan to help cheer her on!

She was Cinderella in the parade. How cute is that? The next picture is after she placed in the top 5 and the last picture is with one of her directors.

I just bought a new car! One thing we have accomplished before the baby comes. We bought a RAV 4 and I love the thing! It gets great gas mileage and has a ton of storage area.

We gave the Corolla to Ryan for his 17th birthday. He was really surprised. It will be a great vehicle for him to drive.

And finally, my great friends had a baby shower for us. We got a lot of great things for the baby and I am so grateful to have such good friends. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came all the way from Oklahoma to be at the shower. Chris' girlfriend Stacy was there with her sister and of course, Lily. Several other friends were there and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

They are still working on our house. I haven't taken any pictures of it since they started demolition but they are slowly putting it back together again. The kitchen actually has paint and lights now. The downstairs bathroom has paint and lights and the rest of the basement has been primed and is ready for the last coat of paint. They will hopefully finish up lighting tomorrow and maybe start on the tile flooring. So anyway, it is coming together now.

Just 7 more weeks until the baby comes. I have a weekly dr. visit and ultrasound and non-stress test. All is fine. The baby is getting a lot bigger now and of course, so am I. It's getting harder for me to move around like I used to and if I bend over, I feel like I am cutting off my own blood flow. My belly gets in the way of most everything and none of my maternity t-shirts fit anymore. They are really tight. My ankles are swelling and it gets a little harder to eat or sleep. However, this is just a status report, I am not complaining in the least! I am glad to be pregnant mostly because I never thought it would be possible. The small miracle moving inside of me every day reminds me that Ethan is just that - a miracle. There is no experience like it on this earth. I love every minute of it. Ok, maybe not the nausea but that was over a long time ago.

Carrie is coming home for the birth of the baby. I am so happy that she wants to be a part of it. I am really looking forward to her being home with us for awhile.

Chris is getting ready to close on his house tomorrow. Dad's house will be gone. Not a terrible thing, I am sentimental because it is the house I grew up in but on the other hand, it has cost him a lot of money in upkeep and is requiring a lot of maintenance lately. I am glad to see him out from under it. His new house is really great and I hope he will be happy there. They will have a great place for Lily to grow up. We are helping them move this weekend.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you are all well.

Until next time...


Friday, June 13, 2008

Things not to say to a pregnant woman...

Pregnancy comments 101:

Here are just a couple of things NOT to say to a pregnant woman. (These comments were made to me)

1. Friend: "Oh, do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?
me: "yes, we are having a boy!"
Friend: "I could tell you were having a boy because when I was pregnant with my little boy,
my butt got really big too!"
me: ??????????? Thanks????

2. Friend (different friend than the previous one): "How far along are you?"
me: "Well, I have about 10 more weeks to go."
Friend: "Wow! You are really big and still have 10 weeks left!?!?"
me: *%^?#!!!

Now for the updates...

The renovations on our house are still going! It has been 2 months now. However, they now have all sheetrock in and taped and puttied. One more coat of putty, then sanding then we are ready to paint! They will start laying flooring hopefully the week after next. Then kitchen cabinets and counters! Maybe my house will be back together before the baby gets here. I will be painting the baby's room probably the night before my c-section, so if anyone feels they are talented in the painting area, please let me know. I am accepting any and all volunteers for helping. I am not too proud at this point in time to ask for help.

David has been home! It has been 7 months since we have seen him and he looks GREAT! He has also changed a little bit. I think the military has been good for him. He has made a lot of friends and is much more social than he was when he lived here! We are proud of him for all of his accomplishments and we are especially proud that he is serving his country.

Everyone is in New Jersey right now except me. Carrie is in this year's Miss New Jersey pageant again this year. My doctor has advised me that it probably would not be a good idea for me to travel this late in my pregnancy so I am staying home holding down fort Gelnar for now. You can see more info about the Miss New Jersey pageant including pictures at

I am going to Quincy tomorrow to see my favorite niece! She is 3 weeks old now. Chris and Stacy are doing really well. They should be moving to Hannibal very soon into their new house that they bought! It is so cute! They have a lot of good things going on for them now and I am really happy for them both. They are finding out very quickly how to operate with no sleep right now. Chris says that Lily does not sleep very much at all and she eats all of the time. She is so cute, I can't wait to see her tomorrow.

Well, that's all for right now. My favorite show 20/20 is on and I have to watch. So farewell for now.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have a new niece!

Chris and Stacy had their baby on May 23 at around 12:15. Her name is Lily Marie Kuhn. She is the most precious little girl I have ever seen and she is a very good baby so far. She is just precious. Did I mention that she is precious?

Anyway, Mom, dad and baby are doing fine and came home from the hospital today. Chris is going to be a really great dad. Stacy is a good mom already and they are so cute with that baby together. Here are a couple of photos of her.

Sorry I forgot to rotate the last one but you get the idea. Stacy was induced Thursday evening and had her Friday. She weighed 5 lb, 15 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. She looks just like Chris and she even makes the same facial expressions. She has Stacy's nose (thank goodness!) Sorry Chris!
This is a short one but I couldn't wait to post photos.
Hope you are all well.
Kelley & Dwaine

Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick update...

Hi again,

I know I am bad about posting. We have been furiously busy this last month. Mostly because our house is completely torn apart. I will attach some pictures at a later date. Our remodelling project has finally begun. It started just over a month ago. Our kitchen has been gutted down to the studs and so has our basement. It will be so great when it is finished. We are adding a bedroom in our basement and finishing the bathroom downstairs. So far, they have completed framing of the bedroom, electrical work as well as plumbing in the downstairs bath. The shower has been installed and plumbed. Still no sheet rock but I think when that gets started it will go pretty quickly. The kitchen has been wired for the most part and we have run into a couple of little problems with wiring in the kitchen. We are also replacing the shower valve in the master bath because it leaks and the only way to get to it is through the kitchen so that will have to be fixed first as well.

We have done a lot of eating out. I am familiar with Subway and Arby's especially. But the bright side is, I haven't had to cook much. We have become master chefs with the microwave and toaster oven. I can make a mean grilled cheese in the toaster oven. At least the weather is nice enough now that we can use our grill.

I am feeling pretty well. I have been apparently having a few contractions lately that my doctor isn't really crazy about. I just have to get off my feet and rest awhile. I have been trying to do that but it is really hard for me to sit still most times. I am not able to make our trip to New Jersey for Carrie's pageant. I am really upset about that too. The doctor does not really want me going anywhere just in case I would go into labor prematurely. I would rather be at home if that does happen. David is coming home for a quick visit in June. We are really looking forward to seeing him again! We haven't seen him since last Labor Day. Ryan is going to Hawaii for a band thing. That little rat! I don't think it is fair that he gets to go before we do! I know he will have a good time and I hope he at least brings us some souvs.

It seems that Chris may have sold the house in Qcy. He got an offer today and I think it is a good one. I hope he takes it. He is looking at buying a house in Hannibal. Dwaine and I are going to run up there next weekend and check it out. Sounds like a cute little house he is looking at. It is a brand new construction with a nice yard! Lots of room for the dog and a new baby! Which, by the way, is due anytime now. I can't wait to meet my little niece! She will be here very soon!

Well, that's all for now. Hope all is well. God bless and we love you all.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to touch base with you all. Mostly I wanted to enclose our latest picture of Ethan. So here is our cute little boy!

The tech who did the ultrasound said he had my nose. What does that mean?! He is cute, though. I can't wait to see him in person. Anyway, I am doing fine. I'm getting bigger every day it seems. But I am feeling pretty good now.

We have started our home improvement projects. We will be really busy for the next couple of months so if I don't write very often, that's why. Our kitchen has been gutted and our basement has too. We have stuff stored in every room of the house and garage. It is a huge mess and I can't wait until it is finished. It is going to look so great when it is finished! After the basement is done then I will start on Ethan's room. Not much time and so much to do. Mostly it will involve painting for both of us.

Well, I know this is short but I must get ready to leave for work. So I will try to write again soon.

Hope you are all well, Love you,

Kelley & Dwaine

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here's the rest of the scoop.

OK so here is the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey says. I am so excited! Like I told you all, we are having a little boy. The ultrasound took at least an hour but the tech was very knowledgeable and very nice and explained everything she was looking at. She took several measurements of the head, chest and different parts of the baby's brain. We saw his cute little arms and legs and hands and feet. He has 5 fingers and 5 toes. His head circumference is normal and so is everything else she checked out. The only thing that she thought could be slightly questionable was part of his kidneys. Not to worry, they are within normal limits, just at the upper end of normal and she said that it is common for male babies to have this type of thing and it is fine. We saw his cute little face and she said that he has my nose. It looks like a ski slope. She got the greatest picture of his face from the front. She was measuring his nose and upper lip (to check for Downs syndrome) and we could actually see his sweet little face. Dr. Moreton said that he weighs about 11 oz. now. He is about the length of a banana.

Next we talked about the due date. Since I am OLD, he wants me to go before my due date. So I of course say, "how about a c-section?" He says, "That would be fine with me" YEAH!! That's how I want to do it. So we will probably schedule a c-section for a little before my due date. He said he could induce me but because of my size, there is a chance the baby may not fit through my pelvis really well and he also would not let me labor for too long. If I labor too long, he would do a c-section anyway. I guess I am delicate for my old age. C-section is fine with me. I am not too good with pain tolerance so the idea of laboring for hours and pushing and all that stuff does not appeal to me at all. I love to have the experience of being pregnant but not so thrilled about the experience of giving birth the normal way. Hopefully you all won't think I am a big sissy. But really I am. So that is the story.

I have scanned a really great picture but I'm not at my home computer right now so I will enclose it later on. Also, his name will be Ethan Robert Gelnar. We liked Ethan or at least I did. Dwaine would rather have Andrew but he is ok with Ethan too. His middle name is my dad's first name. We are using it in honor of my dad. I know that if he were here he would be so excited to have a grandson. He was great with little kids and they loved him too. Hopefully sometime soon after Ethan arrives, we will be making plans to get Ryleigh. I can't wait until they are together. Life is so exciting now!

Well, that is the whole story. I am looking forward to getting his room ready now. There is a lot of work to do between now and then!

Take care, everyone,


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The moment you've all been waiting for....

Well, we went to have the ultrasound today and.............

It is......



Pictures will follow at a later date! Soon - I just need to scan them.

Kelley & Dwaine

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A baby shower...

Well, last weekend Stacy's family hosted a baby shower for her. She and Chris got a lot of great things for their baby. Here are some pics.

It was very nice and they got some things that they will really use. She is just about 2 months away from having the baby. It is a girl and her name will be Lily. I can't wait until both of our children will be able to spend time together and play together. How cool is that?!

On another note, I wanted to post a couple more quilt squares that I got from a friend of mine who I know from church and who is also in our local adoption group. Thank you, Rosemary.

I have quite a few quilt squares now. Nowhere near 100 but I am still working on that. I am hoping that I will receive some from Dwaine's family. I haven't received any from them yet (hint, hint!) There is a great lady I work with who has offered to put the quilt together for me. That will be great! She also offered to make a baby quilt for our baby who will be here in August. When we find out if it is a boy or a girl, I will start working on that. I am now looking for someone who is a good seamstress. I want to have a baptismal gown made for the baby and I would like to have it made from my and my mother's wedding dresses. I can't sew worth anything so I need someone who is good at that kind of thing. By the way, we will find out the sex of the baby this Tuesday so stay tuned...

We celebrated Chris' 23rd birthday a couple of weeks ago also. Here is a picture from that.

I can't believe he is 23 already. We did have a cake for him by the way, it just didn't make it into this picture for some reason. He has grown up so much. If he reads this he will think I am a dork for saying so but I am old enough to be his mom, after all. He has had a lot of positive things going on lately. First, he met Stacy. The more I am around her, the more I like her. She is such a nice girl. Then he graduated from the police academy. Now he has a full time job as a police officer in Hannibal. He is also looking forward to the birth of his daughter. That is a lot to cause a person to grow up quickly. He has done a great job with his life and I am proud.

Well, that is all for now. Kind of a miscellaneous post but I will post more pictures after we get our ultrasound this week. I can't wait!!