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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy 6 month anniversary!


Well, we've officially been logged in for 6 months now. We started filling out our paperwork over 1 year ago. Looking back on time, it seems to have gone pretty quickly but looking at what awaits us seems like an eternity. Every month, Dwaine and I celebrate our LID anniversary by eating out at this Mongolian barbecue called Hu-Hot. It is a "make-your-own-stir fry" place. Seems kinda odd eating at a Mongolian place. Isn't that the reason that China built the Great Wall in the first place. Oh well, they have really good food. Yesterday was especially cool because we met with several local adoptive parents. Several months ago, I met up with two other women who live in the area. We became acquainted because we use the same social worker. We decided it would be great to just meet once a month and include our spouses. Well yesterday, we met and our group is up to 8 couples. Now we are trying to decide how to make our group more interesting by having different topics of discussion when we meet or maybe a book club type thing. How cool is that? Next month is my turn to plan the meeting place.

Next, I want to say thank you to my secret pal. She has struck again. The theme for August was music. So we are sending each other a CD or some other form of music whether it be lullabies or children's music. My secret pal was really creative. She sent me a toy karaoke microphone that can play music and record also. She recorded the sweetest message from her daughter to me and Ryleigh. She also sent the cutest little Golden Book about adoption. She is the greatest! Hope you are reading this because I want to thank you again!

Next, I want to say thank you to my good friend Kim who has given me a quilt square for Ryleigh's 100 wishes quilt. She took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into it. There is enough fabric that I can cut a square for my quilt and still have plenty left over to make something else. I might have a small pillow made too. She wrote the greatest poem to Ryleigh and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for being a great friend.

I have 39 squares now. I just need 61 more. Hint, hint...

Now about the family...
Two new things. David is coming home for Labor Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, he found out that he will be assigned to go to South Korea for his first tour of duty. Hey, it's better than Iraq! He will spend a year there and we are praying that the Iraqi conflict will be fizzling out by then. It could happen. I am sure we will always have a presence there but hopefully, the fighting will be minimal by then just in case he would be assigned there next.

Chris is moving to Columbia next weekend. He will be in the police acadamy until Christmas. Then, we are trying to talk him into staying here and finding a job in good ol' Columbia. That would be so great to have family who actually lives in the same town for once. That hasn't happened since I lived in Quincy. We are meeting with a realtor next week to get dad's house ready for sale. Hopefully that will go smoothly. Please keep us in your prayers for that reason. Sometimes things like that overwhelm me. Mostly because I let them. Anyway, please say a prayer that the house sells quickly and for what we are asking for it.

I have deeded the house in Chris' name so when the house does sell, he will have a great down payment for a new house when he is finished with school. The price of real estate in Columbia is very reasonable. (That's a big hint to my bro')

Well, I am rambling on now and am really tired. Time for me to go to bed. Hello to you all and hope you are doing really well. Thanks for the comments in the last post. (I love to read them)


Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been tagged....a long time ago.

Well, I have been tagged by my friend Heather in Philly to do this survey. Heather is one of my on-line adoption friends whom I have actually had the pleasure to meet while we were in New Jersey. She has the same log in date that we do. She tagged me several weeks ago but I keep forgetting to write so here goes...

5 THINGS I WAS DOING 5 YEARS AGO (10 years was not a good place in my life)

  1. I had moved into my own home that I bought by myself. My condo I loved.
  2. Living the single life and spending a lot of time with friends
  3. Made a trip to San Francisco to visit family and friends.
  4. Worked 2 jobs. The job I work at now and a part time job and Columbia Regional Hospital
  5. Did not know my husband yet. Pouty

FIVE SNACKS I ENJOY this one's easy.

  1. Chips (any kind)
  2. Chocolate (any kind)
  3. Movie popcorn
  4. Ice cream
  5. Pistachios


  1. My highschool fight song. (amazing because I graduated over 20 years ago)
  2. My college fight song. (I think I can remember the words)
  3. All of the songs that were in my wedding
  4. The words to "Oklahoma" (my husband and his sons will get a kick out of that one) ROTFL
  5. "I can't help myself" by the Four Tops. I have it programmed in my phone as Dwaine's ringtone.


  1. I would make sure my little brother was set for life.
  2. I would donate money to our church.
  3. I would make sure all of Dwaine's kids were set for life.
  4. I would buy a completely frivolous car that would make people think I were going through a mid-life crisis.
  5. We would both retire so we could raise our daughter by ourselves without the need for daycare.


  1. I am completely OCD about keeping the house clean.
  2. I am too anxious and worry about a lot of things that I shouldn't worry about.
  3. I chew on my fingernails when I am nervous.
  4. I make excuses not to work out.
  5. Obsessing over how long the wait will be with our adoption.


  1. Go to the movies with Dwaine.
  2. Go out to eat with Dwaine.
  3. Go on vacation and travel with Dwaine.
  4. Go for coffee with Dwaine
  5. Anything else having to do with Dwaine.


  1. My hair permed!!! How awful, someone should have told me...
  2. Polyester pants. That should tell you how old I am.
  3. A belly button ring. Yeah, yeah, I had one. Now I have a gut instead so I don't think I will be wearing one of those again.
  4. Anything spandex.
  5. Anything that has a 70's look. I hated it in the 70's so why would I want to wear it again.


  1. My ipod. I really love that thing.
  2. My brother's GPS. We bought it for him for Christmas and that thing is the coolest thing ever!
  3. My dogs. Does that count as two things?
  4. Our lawnmower. I know that sounds really lame but we got a new one and I like to mow.
  5. My computer. It is so amazing what technology has become.

There ya go. That took a lot of thought. I think I will tag Shelby, Marcy and Tamara D.

Have a good week, everyone.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The latest...

Well, here's the latest on the Gelnar homefront......

Since I wrote last time, absolutely nothing has happened. Ok well a few small things have happened but nothing too major.

First, I just want to say that it is hotter here than h-e-double toothpicks!

With that said, now we can move on to business. I told you that David graduated from boot camp at Fort Jackson a few weeks ago. He is now in Maryland doing specialized training for the job which he chose. He will be studying generator mechanics. He will be at Aberdeen Proving grounds until the middle of October. Then he hopes to have enough time off to be home for Thanksgiving. Here is his address if you would like to send him a letter. I am sure he would appreciate that very much. Here goes: David Gelnar, Charlie Company 16th Ordinance Battalion, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 21005 .

No new news on the adoption front. Still waiting. It is hard for me to explain but the wait is slowly increasing and we are looking at 2+ years. We had a major slowdown as soon as we were logged into China and it doesn't look like it will speed up anytime soon. We will have been logged in for 6 months on Aug. 25th. Please pray that it speeds up.

Don't forget those quilt squares! I'm gonna bug you until you send 'em.

I also want to thank my secret pal - you know who you are. We are doing a secret pal exchange through my on-line adoption group. I don't know who she is but she has sent me some pretty neat things so far. July's theme was fireworks. She sent me the cutest little cheer outfit that is red, white and blue. She sent a soft and cuddly bunny and some red, white and blue hair barrettes. It is so cool to receive these little gifts for Ryleigh. It makes it all seem so much more tangible. So thank you to my secret pal, you are the greatest.

Well, I gotta go move the water in the back yard. Our poor grass... Pray for some rain - or even snow. I am ready for winter!!!