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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thoughts from Dwaine

A few days ago (Jan. 8th), Kelley and I celebrated our third anniversary. We celebrated by going out for dinner with Ryan and some friends. That is about all we are up for these days.

As many, if not most people do, we celebrated Christmas multiple times - once with Chris and his girlfriend; once with Ryan and Carrie; and once with the Gelnar’s in Oklahoma. The highlight was probably watching the dogs open their gifts. Well, maybe it was the thankfulness for all of our blessings, the family that we were fortunate enough to celebrate with, and the thoughts and prayers for those far away in China and Korea.

Between Christmas and New Year, in three days time, we traveled to Granite, Oklahoma and back. We have yet to recover from the 10-hour drive each way. No wonder we don’t make that trip much.

All in all, Kelley has done pretty well in avoiding morning sickness. She is experiencing indigestion and gas and is usually toast by the time that she gets home from work, but has fortunately missed most of the nausea. Of course, one minute she will detest food and the next be starving. I think that it is just her attempt to keep me off balance.

It seems that our time (including time together) has become a rare commodity. We will have to work on that. We both know how hard that finding time for each other will be come August. I think that I see a lot of babysitting in a teenage boy’s near future. He might be more ready to leave home than his older brother was.

All-in-all, the last couple of months have been exciting, exhausting, exquisite, exasperating, exuberant, exceptional, exhilarating, extraordinary, and wonderful (ran out of ex-words). God has blessed us (especially me) immeasurably.