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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am finding that I do good if I can post once a month now. We have been kept very busy!

Ethan just turned a year old in August. I can't figure out where the time went. He is getting to be such a big boy now! He is not walking yet but getting closer every day. I am ready for him to walk. He is so heavy and it is getting harder for me to carry him everywhere. He is starting to learn what we are saying now. He can't say any words yet but he does know what we are talking about. He knows how to make monkey sounds, duck sounds and car sounds. He babbles and "talks" in his own language all the time. It is really cute when he tries to sing or imitate us singing a song to him.

We talked to David the other night via Skype. That is the coolest thing! If you have loved ones who live far away, get a webcam and get Skype. We downloaded it for free and David pays little to nothing for it in Iraq. It is a neat way that he can see and talk to us and most importantly, he can see Ethan. Ethan is probably David's biggest fan. David seems to be doing well in Iraq. He looks good and seems very upbeat. We will just be glad when he gets to come home. He is travelling right now closing up other camps so they can leave. Their company will be one of the last ones to leave the country.

Carrie is still getting ready for her big wedding day. She is teaching middle school music. I think it is challenging for her but with as much drive as she has, I know she can make it work and succeed. She and Gus are living in the Washington DC area.

Ryan has been extremely busy with band and choir at school. He is doing well but very busy. He is enjoying his senior year this year and his grades are a little better than last year. We are hoping he can keep up the good work until graduation.

Our adoption is at a dead standstill. I can't believe it is taking so long. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have Ethan in the meantime. It seems as if our China adoption just may never happen. We are still in the long haul but by the time our turn comes up, we are seriously wondering if we will be too old then. Would it be fair for a child to have parents as old as we will be? I don't know. We are thinking still about exploring other options. Of course I will keep you posted.

Dwaine has been very busy at work and I am enjoying part time work very much. I love being a stay at home mom at least part time. We are still doing a little work on the house here and there but no major projects planned anytime soon.

Well, hopefully this finds you all well and healthy. Until later,


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know it has been so long since I posted. Every time I look at my own blog I feel guilty for not posting. So much is going on right now. Life is going on right now. And I am loving every minute of it. Our little boy is now 1 year old. He gets cuter every day and learns more and more every day. He is my blessing. We celebrated his birthday in style. Party, balloons, cake and lots of presents. Since we don't have much family around, it was amazing how many of our friends came to his party. My brother and his fiance and Lily were there. Ryan was there too. Otherwise all of our good friends were there.

David is in Iraq now and will be there until next summer. Please pray for him that he stays safe and come home soon. So far he is doing really well.

Carrie is making wedding plans for March. She and Gus will be married in Princeton and we are all looking forward to the wedding. She has a job now teaching middle school music and reading in the Washington, DC area. Gus is beginning a new job as well. They seem to be doing really well together.

Ryan just started his senior year of high school. Hard to believe that he will be graduating next spring. When I met him, he was only 12 years old. Time sure does fly by.

My brother and Stacy are planning their November wedding. That will be here before we know it. Our whole family is in the wedding. Dwaine is the best man, I am a bridesmaid, Ryan is a groomsman and Ethan is the ring bearer. He better learn to walk really soon! Lily turned one in May and is walking all over the place. She is so cute!

Dwaine continues to be really busy with his job and I am still working part time and loving it. Other than that, not much more to report. We are all doing well and are all healthy and happy.

Here is a little parting picture:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi again

Ok, the blog needed a little facelift and I had a little time and some patience and through a little (ok a lot) of trial and error, here it is. I think I like it. I just wanted to test it out and post a couple more pictures of Ethan.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's the latest...

Man, time is flying by lately! I can't believe it is almost February already. Seems like we just got through Thanksgiving!

Ethan is 5 months old now and I can't believe how fast he is growing and changing. He is almost sitting up now and he is starting to babble and say da-da. I keep trying to get him to say mama but the more I try, the more he says dada. Oh well! Ethan celebrated his first Christmas and loved it. I don't have any pictures of him with Lily when they opened their gifts because my camera died! What kind of mom lets her camera battery go dead? He was so excited to open his presents and he loved all of them.

He is learning how to eat solid food now. He likes his cereal but only if it is mixed with a tasty fruity goodness. He is not so crazy about any green vegetables. He does like sweet potatoes and squash.

Everyone else is doing fine. Carrie has set a wedding date of October 10. They will be married in Princeton. Chris and Stacy have also set a date. They will be married on December 5th in Quincy. Dwaine is going to be Chris' best man and I am a bridesmaid. I guess it is actually bridesmatron since I am an old married woman. Ethan and Lily are going to be ring-bearer and flower girl. That will be a priceless picture to see. I am excited for everyone and looking forward to both upcoming weddings.

David is still in Kansas and is able to come home pretty often now. He bought a car and now has a means of transportation. He seems to be doing well and will be home to visit us again in February. The army is talking about shipping his unit to Iraq in June so keep him in your prayers that it doesn't happen. We are hoping that with the new administration, things may change.

Ryan is doing well too. Still plugging along in school and very involved in band and choir.

Well, I am hearing the baby cry so I better get going. Hope everyone is well!

Until next time,


Oh, ok one more picture