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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethan Robert Gelnar

Ethan was born on August 13, 2008. He weighed 7lb, 4oz. and was 20" long. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides my sweet husband. I will just post some photos because to me, there are no words to describe the miracle of this precious little boy.

Ethan is a healthy baby and he is really good too. He only gets us up twice during the night. We had some difficulty with him in the beginning because he could not tolerate his formula. We went through two formula changes in the first two days he was home. He is doing 100% better now though.

He has a kidney problem on the left side. That kidney is partially blocked. They found this out during one of my prenatal ultrasounds. The pediatrician says it is a fairly common problem especially in boys. He may need to have it removed. The dr. would send us to St. Louis to a pediatric urologist. He may need to have a stent to keep the ureter open or they may need to go in and surgically remove the blockage. We had a test done at the hospital to see the extent of the blockage. It is not a problem at all for him now but as he gets older and the kidney grows, it can cause pressure on the kidney and he can suffer kidney damage when he gets older. So now is the time to fix it. But say a little prayer that we don't have to go at all. That is a possibility too.

Well, my little guy is asking that I feed him now so I better go.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby on the way!

Well, just two more days until Ethan's arrival. I am excited, nervous, anxious, relieved, scared, elated and every other emotion you can think of. It is hard to believe that it has finally come to this. After years of thinking we could not have children, after almost two years into the adoption process, a baby is born! I can't believe how blessed we are.

I don't have his room ready yet. Our house is still under construction. However, good news is that the kitchen should be finished today! Just in the nick of time. Then they will be working in the basement anyway and that will be much better. It will still be a couple of weeks before Ryan's room is ready. Then we can move him downstairs and start the baby's room. I do have the bassinet ready. Linens are washed and it is stocked with diapers, wipes, blankets and other necessary things that he might need. His little clothes are washed and put away in his dresser. Today I will try to install my carseat base and get that ready. Then tomorrow, I will pack my bag and his and we will be ready to go to the hospital on Wednesday!

I am a little nervous about the c-section but I think that looking forward to the baby is over-riding that a little bit. I have one more dr.'s appointment tomorrow before the big day.

Well, wish us luck and I will try to post pictures as soon as I get home from the hospital. Talk to you all soon,