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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random thoughts

Hi again,

Just wanted to check in. There is not a whole lot going on which is a good thing. I like the quiet. Now that the house remodelling is finished, we have finally started on Ethan's room. He will probably be in college by the time we get his room ready for him. Dwaine started tearing the closet apart so he could widen the opening and put on new doors. I have started painting. I swear, if I have to paint one more thing after this, I think I will lose it. I am so sick of painting!

I haven't mentioned our adoption for awhile and that is because we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Actually, it is a good thing for us to wait awhile now because I would like to get adjusted to Ethan first. He will more than likely be two or three before we go to China. Some friends of ours who are in our local adoption group should be getting their referral in a couple of months. Their log in date is in Feb. of '06. They have been waiting 2 1/2 years. Our log in date is Feb. of '07. We will be waiting a lot longer than that. We began our paperwork just over 2 years ago and a referral for us is nowhere in sight. At least now I have something to distract me from the wait now.

Speaking of Ethan, here is a picture of him in his Halloween costume.

Doesn't he make a cute little sweet pea? He will hate these pictures when he is older so I need to get all I can now. Oh, what the heck, here are a couple more pictures of Ethan. He is starting to smile now and not just gassy smiles, real smiles when he looks at us. I think he thinks we are funny looking old people.

David will be home in a few more weeks. Hopefully, he will be in the states for the remainder of his duty. He will be home for Thanksgiving & Christmas! That will be really great! We are looking forward to having you home, David!

Carrie will be home at Thanksgiving as well. We are planning to have Ethan baptized while the kids are here. Hopefully it will work out that way.

Ryan has moved into his new bachelor pad in our basement. He has his own space now and that huge walk in closet. I am going to have to arm wrestle him for half of it. I am planning to store a lot of our crap in there.

Chris and Stacy are officially engaged now. No wedding date has been set yet but she is sporting a really beautiful diamond ring! It really is pretty. I am so proud of them both for being such good parents. Stacy has taught me things that I did not know about being a mom. She is a really good mom.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you are all well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Tribute to my Grandma

Marie Kuhn
Feb. 11, 1912 - Sep. 27, 2008

Things I remember about my Grandma

Her kindness
Her warm heart
Letting me play the organ in church after mass
Her interest in all of the activities of all of her grandchildren
Always asking me if I am saving enough money
Her snickerdoodles
The fact that she always called me Anne
The fact that she took care of my other Grandmother when she was dying because we couldn't be there.
Her holiday dinners
Cooking chicken on a makeshift grill in the back yard.
Mitsy & Taffy (her dogs that she loved)
Swinging on her swing with her.
Trying to make me feel better when I was sick
Her beautiful relationship with my Grandfather
Her strong faith in God
Feeding the squirrels from her kitchen window
Praying the rosary at her kitchen table
Praying the rosary in the car on our trip to Washington DC
Her love of travelling
The fact that she raised five children who have a strong faith in God
Offering to pray for me when I needed it

Grandma, I told you before you left that I would pray for you too. Please pray for all of us now and be happy with your family in heaven forever.